Sunday, July 21, 2013

family vacation - part two

our "castle trip" continued the next day with a trip to one of the most famous castles in the world - disneyland! this was the one claire was most excited for. she is in that stage of life where everything princess is loved and adored. so while a part of us thought it was a waste of money to take her now when she wouldn't remember it later in life, we reasoned that we'd just take lots of pictures and show her later. :) plus this was the last chance to go when they would still be free.

having the kiddos definitely limited what rides we could go on, but we think we saw all the iconic ones. the most popular destination for us was definitely the baby center, where we went again and again throughout the day to feed everett. :) claire's favorite place was definitely the fantasy faire where claire got to see aurora, ariel, and cinderella. as soon as we turned that corner and saw that first princess, claire was in heaven. she got this euphoric look on her face, closed her eyes, and slowly walked up to the princess for a hug. it was so cute.

in addition to the popular baby center and fantasy faire, we also were able to see many other rides, which i'm going!~ to list here just for my sake so i can remember them: jungle cruise, tarzan's treehouse, pirates of the caribbean, haunted mansion, peter pan's flight, king arthur carrousel, it's a small world, finding nemo submarine voyage, innoventions, buzz lightyear astro blasters, mickey's soundsational parade, and of course, sleeping beauty's castle walkthrough.

for the most part, it was so much fun. waiting in line was an issue for everett because all he wants to do these days is get down and crawl around, which we wouldn't let him do on the hot and dirty ground. naps were also a bit of an issue, but they both got quick, little naps in the stroller, which helped a lot. it was such a fun and memorable day.

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