Wednesday, August 1, 2012

pioneer day

growing up in texas, pioneer day was nothing more than a primary activity saturday morning and a couple talks on sunday. in utah, it's quite a different day. parades, fireworks, holiday pay... it's like two independence days in the same month! so much fun. we woke up early tuesday morning and headed down to spanish fork for the parade. claire has never shown any interest in parades before, but this year she got pretty excited for it. she loved seeing the horses and the loud noises and the balloons and the "princesses" and all the candy that they were throwing.

after the parade we ran a few errands, then headed home for naps. after naps we headed back down to spanish fork for some more festivities. my brother barbequed for us, then we hung out while the kids ran around and played. we then took a walk over to the fair and checked out the vendors. we then walked over to the park and got comfortable before the fireworks went off.

the fireworks didn't actually begin until very late, and claire (as did her parents) had a very long day, so we left for home a tiny bit before the fireworks were done. we all were pretty happy to hit the sack that night. it was a wonderful day and i can't wait for many pioneer days to come. :)

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