Saturday, June 9, 2012

millie's blessing

it seems like it has been forever since my family has been all together. i'm glad babies can keep us in touch. thankfully my brother kyle and his wife courtney provided us with another reason for all the brysons to get together. on april 17th, my niece millie was born, which meant we would all be gathering for the little angel's baby blessing. and this time, everyone was there with the exception of one brother-in-law. that meant my parents, all 7 of us siblings, 4 spouses, 13 and a half grandkids (14 in late august), 1 grandma, 3 of my aunts and their spouses, and 7 cousins, for a grand total of 40 of us. fun.

we headed up to ogden on friday evening and met up with everyone for dinner. claire was a little shy seeing everyone, but after we got a little dessert in her, she had fun putting on a show. she enjoyed swinging on this handrail outside the restaurant.

 we checked in to our hotel later that night. we were a little worried about her sleeping in the hotel, but she did pretty good. better than we expected at least. she definitely got to stay up a lot later than she normally does. i think she'll be a night owl like her daddy. :)

 the next day began with the guys going off to play some football at a local park. after that, everyone gathered at the orem aquatics center for some swimming and lunch. if you didn't know, you should - claire loves the water! she particularly loved the slides. after tiring daddy and mommy out, she enlisted the assistance of some cousins, aunts, and uncles to go around with her.

after some swimming, we went over to the pavilion for some lunch, cake, and some presents as we celebrated my nephew austin's, my mom's, and my birthdays. little millie seemed to sleep through most of it (or pretended to at least so she didn't have to put up with all the cheek pinching), but we did get a picture with her eyes open. and as much as i love our little claire, she has some scary water-shriveled feet. :)

we went out for dinner, and then headed to the church to play some before bed. the next day we all gathered in church for the blessing, then met together at courtney's parents house for lunch. we socialized and played games for the rest of the day. on monday, we drove down to salt lake to go to the new mall. claire loved the fountains and got a little wet playing in them. :) we then bid the elliotts goodbye as they headed back to colorado. the rest of us made our way down to provo for dinner before we were forced to say goodbye to the texas crew.

it was a wonderful weekend that went by way too quickly, as wonderful weekends tend to do. claire got to know a bunch of her extended family a little bit more. it's so much fun seeing her play with her cousins. i'm glad she will always know she has such a wonderful (and hugely extensive) support system of loving family members. we truly are blessed.

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