Friday, May 25, 2012

go fly a kite

a couple of months ago, amber and i put together a small list of all the potential fun summer activities we wanted to do. whenever we have a free day this summer, our hope is to try to check one off the list. it's kind of like the 25 days of Christmas thing we did back in december. we have recently blogged about some of the activities we've already done this summer, including our trip to the aquarium, miniature golf, and our annual trip to the tulip festival. some of our smaller fun activities that we've had a chance already to do include sidewalk chalk, feeding the ducks, and hitting up the spanish fork splash pad. our most recent checkmark was kite flying, which is a first for us as a family.

we first went over to walmart to get a kite. the choices were pretty slim, but we eventually found a cute pink cinderella kite. we then headed over to rock canyon park, had a picnic, played at the park for a moment, then went out to the big field so claire could fly her very first kite. :)

it wasn't quite as windy as we were hoping for, but claire got her kite up and soaring. she seemed to have a good time flying the kite, but she seemed to have a lot more fun just playing with the little pink kite tail. well, we definitely had a lot of fun watching her run around. it was quite the enjoyable day. we hope the rest of the summer will be nearly as fun with lots more checkmarks to come.

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