Monday, November 28, 2011

thank you day

thanksgiving really is one of my favorite holidays. family, friends, football, food, and fun - it really is a perfect day. thanksgiving started this year (as it always should) with some football. this year it was the bryson family versus my brother's ward. it was me, my brothers kyle and ken, my sister becca, my nephew henry, and my cousins jake and pat. that poor ward may never be the same. :)

after football, i headed home to get some sleep because i had worked the night before, which meant i unfortunately had to miss some of the big mcclellan festivities. we had the browns visiting all the way from missouri, the dawes and heidi from idaho, the kerbys came down from south jordan, and the betts dropped by later for dessert.

one of my favorite mcclellan traditions is where they write out what they are thankful for on little slits of paper, then they link them all together and hang them on the Christmas tree. it really does help me remember what really is important during this holiday season.

after spending time with the mcclellan side of the family, we went and spent time with the bryson side. the elliotts had driven over from colorado, the dedows came down from bountiful, becca from salt lake, and kyle and courtney made the trip from ogden. we ate some food, played some games, ate some more food, then ate some more food.

it was such a wonderful day. we are so grateful to have seen so much family who could travel safely from all over. i wish everyday could be as much fun as this one, but we'd all probably weigh 400 pounds if they were.

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