Friday, October 7, 2011


Some of our recent activities lately have included play dates with friends that almost always end with a treat. In this case it was a smoothie at Hogi Yogi. She was drinking from the straw but saw all the other little ones eating ice cream with their spoons and she wanted to use her spoon so I took off the lid to our smoothie and just let her go at it. She loved it. :)

Since then she now always wants to feed herself and will usually throw a fit if I don't let her hold the spoon. The other day I let her have her spoon but I was still feeding her (otherwise it would probably be all over her tray instead of in her mouth). She decided I needed to be fed as well. It was kind of funny. :)

If you haven't noticed already, her hair is growing! :) We are finally able to put little pigtails in it. This was the first time I put two pigtails in her hair and my mom said she reminded her of Boo from Monsters Inc. :)

Living at my parents house has been great. Claire has transitioned beautifully and feels so completely at home that she's been sleeping better than ever before (she's slept through the night for the last two weeks). We also get to spend more time with family. I love that whenever anyone comes to visit my parents we're right there to enjoy their visits as well. :) General Conference weekend we got to see my sister April and her family and Claire got to play with her cousins. She really liked playing with Andrew. She kept giving him toys and once she tried to put shoes on him. :)

Scott started playing in a Payson football league. We made it to the first game and it was a little rainy. Luckily it stopped and we enjoyed watching Scott play. Claire loves being out on the field. :)

Scott was putting together a bookshelf for our new place and Claire was being such a good helper! :)

Claire's first word is officially "up". She picked it up in just the last couple weeks but she really seems to know what it means when she says it. She'll come up to me with her hands in the air now and say "up" until I pick her up. It's so cute. She also says something that sounds very much like "hi" and of course she's been saying dada for awhile now but I think she's starting to realize it means daddy. :)

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  1. Could you send me the pictures that you took of my kids? Thanks :)