Saturday, July 23, 2011

Claire's Cake Smash

Earlier this week we let Claire have a little cake before her birthday... I really wanted to take some cake smash pictures for her birthday invitations. :)

This is the cake and her before the "smash" (she wouldn't keep the party hat on, so this is the only picture I have of her with it on).

This was our whole set up. She wouldn't crawl over to the cake. She was super excited though "ooh oohing" for it and pointing. We tried to encourage her to "go get it" but in the end we had to put her right next to it. :)

She actually didn't get too messy with it, and most of the smashed cake part was our doing... he he. :)

And just as a side note... my whole July C's centers around these pictures. I'm counting the cupcake as my 'Cook'. I made a candy liner for the bottom. I think it looks a lot better than if I had tried frosting it. :) For my 'Create' I made the tutu, the party hat, the pennant banner in the background and a couple other birthday hair bows, (but of course she won't leave those in). And obviously the cake smash pictures are my 'Capture' for the month. I'll post more of them on my photoblog if you want to see. :)

As for the birthday invitations... I think they turned out pretty cute (in my unbiased opinion). :)

Can't believe our baby's almost one! :)


  1. That invitation (the baby, the tutu, the cupcake, the pendant...)is so cute!!! What an adorable daughter you have. I can't believe she's turning one already! What a talented sister I have too!

  2. SOOOO cute!!!! You are so talented lady!!! LOVE the color scheme also! Can't believe she is 1 already! they grow up WAY too fast!!!!