Friday, June 24, 2011

100th Blog Post

I was about to do my June C's post but figured that was lame for a 100th post so instead I'm doing a post all about Claire. She's a whole lot cuter and more interesting than my C's (of course she's a "C" too, my favorite C- for Claire, get it? he he).

Claire is getting more and more personality lately and we love it. She's learning all these new things that make her seem more like a little girl rather than a baby.

She's getting into things and making messes...

She plays with her toys now like she knows what she's doing. I know this seems like such a silly and small thing to mention, but for us newbie parents every little accomplishment or new thing she learns is just amazing! I can't help but think wow, she's so smart! She learned how to put a ring on a post! he he :)

She hugs things she likes. Me, daddy, stuffed animals, her bottle, ect. I love when her little arm wraps around my neck and squeezes. It melts my heart. I so wish the first picture wasn't blurry. It's hard to get her to smile at the camera these days, I seriously have to jump around and act like a monkey to get her to smile, but then I'm rocking the camera a bit too much... :)

She's taking more and more steps as she tries to get from one place to another. And no matter how hard we try to slow her down by putting her in boxes, bags, and in her crib, she's still learning way too quickly. :)

We also spend time with friends occasionally. The other day we went on a bike ride, played in the sprinklers and ate popsicles. It was lots of fun. It's funny seeing her play and interact with other kids. She does get a little shy like her parents, but I know she's having fun. :)

Summer is here finally and she loves being outside. She points to the door a lot now letting me know she wants to go out. She points to everything and anything she wants. It's kinda funny. She's such a silly girl. We can't believe she'll be 1 year old in just a little over a month! whoa. :)


  1. 1-How do you know it's your 100th blog post?
    2-Is Scott having a panic attack now that she gets into the DVD's and gets them out of alphabetical order? I am!!! :)

  2. I LOVE the little sly looks she gives you, when she gets into things....they always look like, "what mom? im not doing anything.." So cute!!

  3. That's my grandchild! What a cutie!