Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May C's

Yep, I'm still doing this. Can you believe I've kept it up this long? I can't. :) May hasn't been too difficult. First, for my create I put aside the curtain fiasco for a little bit and made a skirt for myself. :) I feel pretty good about this one cuz I didn't use a pattern for it and I think it turned out nice. It's just a tad too big, but nothing a little safety pin wouldn't fix. :) I took a skirt from my closet that I've always liked and pretty much traced it and put this one together. And then I went back to the curtains... There is a picture of them finished and they turned out okay but I'm just glad to be done with them at the moment. :)

For my Cooking goal I decided to make asparagus. Scott hadn't ever had any and I have only had it maybe once before that I remember. I found a recipe that said to try grilling it, so we used our george foreman and grilled it. I actually really liked it. :)

For Capture I posted on my photoblog pictures I took for my brother's prom, tulip festival pictures for the may flower challenge on I Heart Faces, and Claire's 9 month photos. I also took some pictures of my coworker's baby but I haven't edited or posted them yet. It's been a busy month! :)

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  1. Super cute skirt and curtains!! I am very impressed! And that dinner looks yummy!