Saturday, December 18, 2010

"there was ten in the bed and the little one said..."

what kind of parents would we be if we didn't boast of every little thing our little girl did? :)

our little claire is discovering all the little noises she can make. she just loves sitting and talking to herself. she also has recently discovered her mouth, so everything she can pick up heads straight there. she loves sucking on her fist and it is amazing how far she can get it in her mouth. :)


and now, for claire's latest trick...


amber had tried for days to get a video of her rolling over, but the stars were never quite aligned right. but on this day, she was a rolling machine. she seriously rolled over 5 or 6 times in a row as we were trying to take this video. as soon as we put her on her stomach, she was on her back again. you can see at the beginning that i had to force her not to roll over til we were ready to record it. :) we love that she's learned that if she throws that little arm of hers in the air, her momentum takes her over. this will not help with tummy time. :)

and just for a good laugh... :)


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  1. Aw! She is too cute! I love the little noises, they are so fun to listen to. And the last video..ah the joys and memories. :)