Tuesday, July 6, 2010

one crazy month, part five - surprise!

have we mentioned that it has been one crazy month? to keep the month of a thousand stories going, we must now tell the tale of an ancient old man - my elder brother ken, who has turned 40. we don't write about siblings' birthdays too often, but this one was so full of twists, turns, and surprises for all that we just had to tell this story.
here was the plan as we knew it - my big bro turned 40 on friday, so on saturday we were to have a giant surprise party for him. simple enough. there would be dinner and dessert, family and friends, sun and fun. that saturday morning, my sister becca took me and ken golfing. i had been working the night before, so i was pretty filthy tired and not thinking very clearly, which left me worried that i would blow the surprise that awaited my brother. to avoid too much chatting time with ken, i cleverly spent 95% of my time looking for golf balls that i purposely hit into the rough. i almost had a slip of the tongue once, but i left the golf course sure that ken had no idea. i thought to myself, "what a sucker! he has no idea what's coming! he's going to be so surprised!" little did i know then that a few minutes later it would be i who would be picking my jaw up off the floor.
i pulled up to our apartment complex, tired, sleepy, beaten, worn out, and sun burnt. i start to slowly climb out of my car when another car pulled up behind mine. when i saw who it was my first thought was that i must have fallen asleep. i must be imagining this. mom and dad? here? no way. they're in texas. that's too far away. what on earth was going on here?! despite my disbelief, my mom and dad really were there. they flew down for the weekend to surprise us all. they had already gotten becca, kyle, and courtney, but other than that, no one else in utah knew they were there. a few embraces later, and after a quick tour of our apartment and baby's room, my parents were off to maceys to surprise amber at work.
upon seeing my dad from a distance, amber's first thought was, "i know that guy." a moment later, amber's next thought was, "I KNOW THAT GUY!" amber then got the chance for a short visit where she proudly got to show off her big ole baby bump to the in-laws.
that night we gathered together for the party. knowing that my parents would be sneaking up in a few minutes added an extra level of excitement. sherry was the mastermind behind the whole surprise party, but even she did not know that mom and dad would be soon joining the festivities. the parents eventually arrived, so becca and i decided to distract ken long enough for them to sneak up. while becca and i had ken posing for a picture, mom and dad snuck up and jumped into the back of the picture. my favorite part of the picture is sherry in the background, who was obviously pretty shocked. i wish i had got a picture of ken's face as he turned around, but i found myself laughing a little too hard.
we ate, played games, busted open a pinata, sang 'happy birthday', and had some cake. after the festivities at the park, we went to ken's house for a night of chatting. sunday we all met together for church, then spent the rest of the day socializing. we had to say our goodbyes that night because mom and dad had an early flight the next morning. so just like that, they were gone.
it was a short weekend, much shorter than it ought to have been, but good times seem to always be like that. it was a fun weekend full of the best kinds of surprises. it was so nice to see our parents, if only for a short while. and since it was my brother's birthday that brought us all together, i should probably give him a special shout out. i never knew ken much when i was growing up. we were separated by a pretty big age gap. but in the past 5 years or so i've been privileged to learn that i've got a pretty decent big brother who is willing to always help anyone he can. thanks ken for all you've done for me.
and while it was ken's surprise party that brought us together, my dad's birthday was actually the day after ken's, so i must say a word about daddy. all i can say about my father is that i hope i can be half as good a father as he was to me. thank you dad.

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