Monday, May 24, 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

It's hard to believe how fast the time is flying by before our little baby girl is here! Only about two months left...crazy. It's hard to say what we've been doing with our time though. We bought a crib about a week ago, and it got us thinking more about where we're going to fit this baby. We live in a two bedroom apartment, but our spare room had become a storage place for... well... a lot of stuff. We cleared out a corner of the room though and set up our crib. I know she won't be sleeping in it for months after she's born, but it does feel good seeing the crib all set up in there. :)

Reading instructions beforehand-this is serious business

Trying to help with all the little gadgets

Finished product

All done... for now.

So we still have some more work to do in there, but this is what we have done already. It's a good start. :) I also have been working on a baby blanket with some help from my sister Lia. I chose the fabric and she helped get it ready for me to crochet around the edge. She showed me how to do a basic stitch (or whatever it's called) and then a pretty little scallop stitch over that. It's taking me forever, but I'm almost done! :)


  1. Your room looks great and so does the crib. I want one like that. The blanket is turning out so cute too. Good job. Good luck with getting everything ready!

  2. Love the crib! I'm glad you guys found a good one! And your blanket looks AMAZING!

  3. The room looks great. My baby slept in our room till we go a bigger place. It lasted about 9 months.