Monday, May 31, 2010

Is There Something In The Water?

I've heard this phrase a lot since the word has spread to the rest of the Maceys store that 3 of the 4 photo lab ladies are expecting. I love working with these ladies and it's been so fun sharing this experience with them. It's definitely been interesting also with 3 extra emotional and extra tired women all working together! :) This photo was taken about a week ago, on pregnant lady #1 (left side) last day of work. Pregnant lady #2 and I are both due the same day and have 2 months to go. We've been extra busy trying to train new workers before the big days arrive, otherwise our #4 photo lady will have to run the lab all by herself! :)


  1. Wow that is one big picture, and one big lady #1! I have enjoyed the experience with you guys as well. Good luck with the newbies. ;)

  2. Hi Scamber! I miss you guys, and congrats, I am probably going to start following your blog I hope that is cool!