Wednesday, December 2, 2009

dearest day of turkey and other stuff,

we must offer our apologies to you, monsieur thanksgiving. we have not treated you as you so richly deserve. in days of yore, you touched our hearts and we looked forward to you with eager anticipation. but this year, for some reason, our thoughts have raced past you and on to your holiday cousin, Christmas. we have unjustly treated you, our friend, and for that we are deeply sorry. we are sorry that we took no pictures of you this year, and thus this boring and bland blog. we are sorry that we almost didn't even blog about you at all. we know we haven't treated you right, but we hope you can forgive us. we'll change! please take us back!

in our defense, it hadn't seemed like the holiday season had begun yet. neither amber nor i had any change in our work schedules (the extra holiday pay will most definitely make us merry, but that's a whole two weeks away). also, my parents were going through a complete remodeling of their store down in texas, and it was hard not to stress long distance with them. and in addition to that, we were suffering through our own tragedy - our neighbors and friends, jake and katie maughan, were moving, leaving us for the company of dead people. could i possibly be any more boring that the conversation of a corpse is preferred to mine?! sad. we only jest. kinda. we are happy for our friends and their rent-free apartment located over a mortuary, but we are definitely sad to see them go.

well since i, scott, am the one writing about our thanksgiving adventures, i must bore you with what i consider one of the best and most essential parts of thanksgiving - turkey bowl football! the saturday before thanksgiving, the above mentioned jake maughan organized the second annual turkey tourney, an eight team, double elimination, flag football tournament. if you know me at all, you could expect a recap of every play of each and every game, but i'll spare you the agony and keep it brief - we won. we repeated as champions and once again took home the five foot tall trophy, a trophy once used to recognize the wonderful dancing prowess of a young girl, now meant to signify that we just rock.

now i hope you didn't misunderstand my rantings earlier and think we had a bad thanksgiving. while amber and i hardly felt we were in the holiday spirit, we definitely had a great day with food and family. the day started at amber's parents' house for a wonderful turkey dinner. we then played games and visited while more and more family trickled in for the festivities. from there it was over to my brother's house for dessert, more games, and more visiting. then home for a long night of trying not to explode from our overindulgence. a very, very good day. really our only complaint is that it was over much too quickly. the next day it was sadly back to business as usual.

senor thanksgiving, we are sorry how we treated you and we want you to know we love you, but you have to realize that Christmas is what the people pay to see. you're the appetizer, the undercard fight, barney rubble, the "ah ah ah...". Christmas is the entree, the main event, fred flintstone, the "...choooo!!!". there's nothing wrong with being who you are. you're still very special. you just have to accept it and be happy with your lot in life. now if you'll excuse me, i've got some lights to hang. :)

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  1. HAHA.. That's funny Scott. I really did laugh out loud. (lol). We miss you guys. I think Katie has cried every night since we left the comfort of being beneath you guys. You'll be happy to know that the trophy is nestled comfortably in Mexico (the name we've given to "that room" know which one I'm talking about). We need to do something with you guys. Without sharing the same landlord and football games, we never see you guys. We're going to have a party over at our place as soon as we get the boxes unpacked. Soon, my friend, soon!