Monday, November 2, 2009

Scott's First Pumpkin Carving

So last Halloween we were a little "busy" with wedding plans and all and didn't have a lot of time to celebrate. This year we got to carve pumpkins. :) This was Scott's first experience carving pumpkins. I couldn't believe he'd never carved a pumpkin! So we kinda "cheated" and bought a book with patterns. I have to say though, I thought it was a lot more fun with a pattern, our pumpkin looked so good! :) We got together with some friends and started carving away. However, the first one took so long to do we had to do the second one another day. Here are some pictures though to document Scott's first pumpkin carving experience. :)

It was a little messier than he thought...

Putting on the pattern

Carving away...

Finished products

Being a little silly...

So on Halloween we actually spent celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Since our anniversary was on Sunday we went up to Salt Lake Saturday night, saw a movie and went out to eat and stayed in a nice hotel with a cool whirlpool tub. :) I can't believe it's been a full year since we got married. It kinda feels like the year flew by so quick but it also feels like we've always been together. And it's so amazing how I could love him so much when we got married and now a year later I love him even more than that.:)

Just a few pictures of the weekend...


  1. Happy Anninversary! Looks like such a fun weekend! Awesome pumpkins too!! The years really do fly's's to many many more happy anniverarsary's!

  2. it FLYS by!!!! we celebrated 3 years this summer....Happy Anniversary to you guys!

  3. Happy anniversary! I totally understand what you mean about time flying by, yet feeling like you have been with your spouse for so long.

    And does Scott have a lot of older siblings? I ask that because like him, I didn't carve my first pumpkin until after I was married. It always fell to my older siblings to do it. I just watched.