Saturday, November 14, 2009

the jungle book - rudyard kipling

yes, it's another boring book report. i'll keep it short and quick so don't worry. :)
i suppose it's been a while since i've watched disney's version of this story, but i know it wasn't quite like the book. instead of one, long story about our hero mowgli, the book was actually a collection of short, random stories, only half of which were about the boy raised by wolves. the other stories were random adventures of other jungle inhabitants. the only one of these stories that i recognized was the story of rikki-tikki-tavi, the mongoose, and his battle with the vipers of the garden.
like most stories that i first learned from cartoons, the book was much less childish than i was expecting. from a macho man's perspective, such as i obviously have, i liked it. it was kinda cool seeing mowgli wrestling with giant snakes, bringing about the death of a tiger, commanding the elephants to destroy a village, leading his wolves in a war with the red dogs, and the rest of his adventures with his friends baloo, bagheera, and kaa. not the most compelling and moving book by any means, but a fun read.

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