Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jane Eyre

I finished another one of the "girly" books off of our 100 greatest books list. :) I've really enjoyed most of these classics and I'm kinda glad that having Scott not wanting to read the "girly" ones, has given me the opportunity to read them. I'd seen the movie Jane Eyre as a kid, and always thought it mysterious and interesting. The book was pretty mysterious too. I wondered whether it would end happily and it did, with kind of a weird twist at the end which always makes a book good. I've always thought it kinda funny how in the book they say how plain and ugly Jane is but when they make movies of the story, the actresses never look ugly to me. So the whole time while reading, I was picturing a pretty girl even though the description says otherwise. :) Anyway, loved the book! :)

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