Wednesday, September 23, 2009

amber's friday night lights

this is a first. i do not believe i have ever written about a football game i hadn’t played in. as funny as it sounds, i must say that i don’t particularly love watching other people play football. if there’s football to be played, i need to be the one playing it. but all that changes when i am given the chance to watch the most beautiful girl in the world play my game. yes, you guessed it – it is now amber’s turn to lace up the cleats, strap on the gloves, and get down and dirty playing some football! (okay, so no cleats and gloves, but i’m trying to talk her into it. :) )
i have to admit and apologize that i am not nearly as good of a fan as amber is for me – i completely forgot to bring the camera to the first game! i am ashamed. but i hope i partially made amends for my failure by taking plenty of pictures at game number two.
amber was invited to play by an old college roommate who was getting a team together for byu intramurals. the team consists of amber, her friend, and a handful of girls from the byu social program. i’m sure these ladies have numerous wonderful qualities and strengths, but football is not one of them. :) of course i’m a biased judge, but amber is definitely one of the only players who has any idea how football is played. unfortunately for the team, the ladies signed up late and were placed in the upper division, so the first two games haven’t quite gone our way. we’re still awaiting the lab results on some drug tests for steroids on some of those teams.
in the meanwhile, amber is having fun getting out there and running around, getting some exercise, and being part of a team. the team has some huge quarterbacking concerns (huge), so amber has yet to get a catch, but she has most definitely shined on defense. she is an excellent rusher and has forced numerous bad throws from the opposing quarterbacks. her biggest defensive highlight came in the first game as the other team ran a designed handoff to the left. amber chased the play down and made an amazing diving grab of the flags, stopping the play for a loss. i was personally out of my seat and five feet in the air out of excitement.
well the season is young and there’s a lot of football to be played yet. the girls definitely have potential and should get better as the season goes on. i must say that i love watching my beautiful wife play. i am so proud of her and love her so much more than she could ever possibly love me. thank you amber for being the thrill of my life. :x


  1. Amber is one tough cookie I never knew it :0) I wanna play flag football!

  2. Go Amber!!
    I like the shirt you are sporting: SMILE! I still remember planning that youth conference...good times.