Wednesday, August 19, 2009

McClellan Family Reunion

So a couple weekends ago, Scott and I went to Colorado for a fun camping trip with my side of the family. It was lots of fun. Took a total of about 11 hours driving there and 7 1/2 hours driving home (amazing the difference having kids makes the length of a drive! ). We caravaned there on Thursday with my sisters and their families, but decided to stay a day later and drive back Sunday by ourselves. :)
The reunion included volleyball, a talent show, a temple trip, SPUD, more volleyball, singing and good quality time with family. I have some of the most adorable nieces and nephews ever. They sang and performed there own puppet show, it was so cute. We enjoyed our trip and being with family. Here are some pictures of the fun weekend...
The Family (I can't believe how much our family has grown...31 out of 41 were able to come, not bad, but we definitely missed the 10 that weren't able to make it!)

The Talent Show

"Popcorn Popping" video

The Hiatt puppet show

My brother Daniel juggled- He would juggle fire if my parents let him! :)

Lot's of volleyball...

Scott was helping me serve in this one...I know how to serve, but they didn't want to wait til I finished putting up my hair into a ponytail!

My niece loved wearing my shoes and walking around the campsite.

Playing an intense game of SPUD

We had to create our own shade cuz there wasn't any at the campsite, I thought we were pretty clever! :)

S'mores are a must when camping...

This was just at the rest stop on the way home. Nothing special there, just a cool photo moment. :)

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