Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday Photo Shoot

Our matching sunday outfits
(not planned...well maybe a little planned)
Just thought I'd give a little update about our ward and callings. We're in a BYU young married ward, chosen over the family ward for the benefits of being able to play in BYU intramural sports. :) Scott played football in the spring on a small team and is planning on playing again in the fall. Sometime we also want to put together an ultimate frisbee team that we both can play on. We also like being in a ward with other couples with similar circumstances as us. So after a few months of being in this ward, we got a calling together as primary teachers. I have to say we were both pretty happy with this calling. We thought it'd be fun and easy. However, we never even got a chance to teach before we were released and I was given a new calling. We were a little sad to lose our first calling so soon. I am now one of two secretaries in the relief society. They decided two were needed because of all the different assignments and things that needed to be done. So far it's been a little difficult and frustrating at times but it's been a good experience too. I have already learned things from it and it's helped me feel more a part of the ward which I know is important. Scott also has a new calling as sacrament coordinator. He's happy for something to do also to keep him involved and something he can use those amazing organization skills of his. :)

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