Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scott had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

So this blog is to prove to you all that Scott isn't being deprived of a proper birthday celebration just because I don't like cake. I'll have you all know he did get a real birthday cake, and I have pictures to prove it! :)

For his birthday breakfast I made waffles. I actually like waffles okay, they aren't as bad as pancakes (pancakes have more of a cakey texture to me so I don't like them as much). I gave Scott his choice though and he wanted waffles so I lucked out. I'm not the best cook, and I made these from a waffle mix, but hey, I'm still cooking right? :)

I did make a bit of a mess though. oops. :)

After breakfast we decided to go golfing. Golfing is something I've just gotten into. Scott's golfed a bit with his family and has his own clubs, so we got out his clubs and went to the East Bay Golf Course here in Provo and did the shorter executive course. It only has seven holes and they are shorter distances, which is good for me since I'm still learning. I think we both did better this time too. It was fun. :)

I'm still learning the right technique to hitting the ball far...

Scott the pro, look at that swing! :)

Birthday boy and me, at the end of the course

After golfing we came home and ate lunch and went to see the movie "UP". I would definitaly suggest seeing this movie. It was so cute! I loved it. :) After the movie we came home, had pizza and Scott opened his presents. It's difficult present shopping for your spouse...I wanted to get him something I knew he'd love, but it's hard to do that without ruining the surprise. For those of you who know Scott, he loves football, and cuz he loves football, he loves football gloves...

Scott with his new football gloves. :)

And last but not least, we had cake and ice cream. I told you I made it for him! :)

My little boy is all grown up! I love you Scott, Happy Birthday!


  1. Ahh, I still love ice cream ;cause of you!! And you look cute golfing! Have you heard anything from Kissy lately? I miss her!

  2. What a fun birthday! Good job on making it such a fun day for your hubby.