Thursday, April 30, 2009

our poor, malnourished blog

so amber and i have decided that we want to treat our poor blog better. we so often do not give it the attention it desires from us and so richly deserves. the problem is that we lead... not "boring" by any means, but rather "steady" lives. nothing grand to speak of, other than being happier than i ever thought possible. but writing of that kind of stuff would only lead to mass jealousy from all of you guys. ;) so, in an effort to show our love more thoroughly to our beloved blog, we're going to try to write shorter blogs at more regular intervals. one thought we had was to write about our quest to complete our list spoken of a couple blogs back. you'll have to forgive us for not being english professors and most likely missing the deeper meaning of things, but i shall begin with our first summary.

brave new world - aldous huxley

stories about the future have always intrigued me. not because i'm a big science fiction nerd or anything (i'm a different kind of nerd), but because i think it's fun to imagine where we're going as a civilization. it's always fun to think of what future inventions we'll come up with. in this book, i particularly liked the idea of obstacle golf. it's about time someone made that game more exciting. :) anyways, the book was about a future society where genetic engineering and cloning are common practices. the book boils down to the choice between free agency, including the right to choose misery, or the right to be happy. truth versus ignorant bliss. i don't feel that the book said either was right or wrong, and i personally feel the best answer lies in the middle somewhere (but closer to the truth side of things). i found it to be a thought-provoking read and would recommend it to anyone interested. thank you and good day. :)


  1. Ya...pretty much just a regular nerd-nerd.:)

  2. That's a good idea. We're trying to do that with our blog. Smaller things more often. I like to throw down random things that I find online. It makes things more interesting between the great things we do.