Saturday, February 7, 2009

we shall miss mount stinky

so the greatest thing ever happened.
we've been living in our small little apartment now for a good three and a half months now. crazy how the time flies. it's a cute little place. perfect for amber and i. not too small. not too big. two bedrooms. nice size kitchen and bathroom. best carpet in the complex - sorry jake and katie. :) we have thoroughly enjoyed making these four walls a home to call our own. but in spite of how just about perfect this little place was, it lacked one vital necessity - no washer and dryer! :( we just had an empty closet with washer/ dryer hook-ups that seemed to mock us.
a little too poor to go out shopping for our own brand new set, we started searching the newspaper and internet classified ads, looking for a deal. meanwhile, we took necessary clothes to family members' houses to do a load once in a while. but we took as little as we possibly could, not wanting to ask too much of our loved ones, so the dirty clothes began to pile up. i thought i was a goner once when the pile tipped over on top of me. i lived for two weeks on nothing but lint and some old gummie bears that i found in a pair of dirty pants until amber finally dug me out. :)
well, the blessed day has finally arrived and, as a gift from my sister becca, we finally have a washer and dryer filling our closet now. the poor things have had to work non-stop for the past couple days. never thought i'd enjoy doing laundry, but it feels so good to pull a clean load out and have stuff to wear again. amber had resorted to wearing christmas socks. :)
so maybe it's not "the greatest thing", but it's pretty darn close at this moment in our lives. well gotta go... the dryer just dinged.

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  1. no worries...mount stinky will live on in my house ;)